Have you taken the pledge?


We the undersigned individuals and organizations, in conjunction with the Humane Society of the Society of the United States (HSUS), reject and condemn verbal abuse, threats,, and acts of violence directed against animal welfare personnel.  There is no place in the humane movement for physical or verbal intimidation, violence, or acts of terrorism.

Such behavior is wholly inconsistent with a core of ethic of promoting compassion and respect, and undermines the credibility of the entire animal welfare movement.  Our goal must be to affirm the value and integrity of all life, whether animal or human, and to encourage others to do likewise.  Verbal attacks, threats, harassment, defamation, and acts of violence, moreover, do not ultimately help animals.  Instead they eliminate opportunities for dialogue, collaboration, and cooperation, making our shared goals, including that of ending the euthanasia healthy, adoptable animals, harder to acheive.  A free and respectful exchange of views in the ongoing national conversation about animal welfare practices, including animal sheltering practices, is the standard to which humane organizations and communities should aspire and adhere.

We call on every animal welfare group and advocate to join us in actively promoting compassion and respect not just for animals but for those people who work tirelessly on their behalf.  Please pledge your commitment.