Current Bills to NOT Support:

No to S-687    This bill in its current form (which was introduced by SCAV) would limit veterinary care through a non-profit agency (or local shelter if services are offered) to private pet owners who can't otherwise afford to go to a local private veterinary practice.  This bill would allow continued access to low cost spay/neuter and services offered in conjuction with that, but very little else.  The concern is this would prevent pet owners from getting the care their pets need, causing more animals to be surrendered to shelters, suffer do to no care, or worse.  Work is being done to find common ground with this bill so it will not cause animals to suffer in the long run.  In the mean time, we are opposed to this bill in its current form.

Also No to H-5160   Same bill as above recently introduced in the House.

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Current Bills TO support:

Yes to S-157 - Crackdown on Cockfighting Cruelty

This bill will increase penalties on cockfighting for this offense to include a felony charge for second and susequent offense for those participating. There are other changes that will make this a stronger law for our state.  Currently SC is only one of nine states that does not have a felony charge.

Yes to S-680 - Cost of Care Act

This bill would provide a path to have a hearing to petition that owner of an animal taken into custody for cruelty would still be responsible for their cost of care. If the owner fails to pay the court required costs, they could lose custody and disposition could be determined before court. In short this bill could save animal care and control agencies a lot of money when prosecuting cases. Sadly, there are cases that are ingnored due to a lack of funds to pursue them. This would greatly help in taking on cases.

Yes to H-3343 - Euthanasia

This bill simply removes some old and outdated methods of euthanasia and better defines what can be used for euthanasia. SCACCA already advocates for and teaches these changes in the certification courses, so this bill will simply formalize best practices already in place.